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Hey, Hunter-Gatherer!

This is a short E-Mail to share with you some important updates.

Update #1: I switched to 'Instapaper' from Pocket App.

In the very first letter, I recommended you to use a read-later app called Pocket to save all the best content you discover. But since then, I have switched to an alternative called Instapaper. This is for 3 reasons:

  • One can take notes, along with highlights while reading.

  • One can organize content into separate folders and always have an organized collection of articles.

  • You can forward E-Mail NewsLetters to your Instapaper, and have all the above functionality.

Update #2: Getting Twitter Lists right.

I got a lot of questions on how to organize effectively using Twitter Lists. I have compiled a Twitter Thread to address all the pain points. A quick summary:

  • The core reason you follow someone is the list they are added to.

  • If too many reasons, let them be in your main feed, or

  • They are probably one of the very brilliant people whose profiles you want to often check out. Add them to a separate list of "Just Great People".

The core idea is to avoid algorithms managing your feed. Either manage it using Twitter Lists or switch to “See Latest Tweets” feed and unfollow at a whim, without feeling any guilt.

Update #3: Check out 'Nuzzel' app.

Recently, I pointed out why you should discover content almost exclusively on Twitter. Nuzzel is an app that extracts all the links (videos, articles, etc.) from your twitter feed into one place.
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Update #4: Hunter-Gatherer has a home on WhatsApp.

Now, you can receive updates on questions, or discuss with us on anything you wish on WhatsApp. You can also subscribe to receiving updates whenever there's a new letter.

⚠️ In the past week, our NewsLetters are ending up in Gmail's Promotions tab. I would recommend you to customize GMail to have all your newsletter subscriptions land under a Newsletter label (Instructions). Alternatively, we can update you when there’s a new letter via WhatsApp.

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We've some great news!

We launched a gathering tool.

I (w/ Farhaan Bukhsh) released an app on the play store called LinkTray. It essentially makes sending multiple links from one or more sources, much easier. Imagine shopping online without the “Add to Cart” option. That’s how it is sharing multiple links without the LinkTray App.

Download Here


PS. Everywhere on the Internet as abhishek1point0.
PPS. For any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, you may directly to this reply E-Mail, or now on WhatsApp.

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