I like to keep you updated.

Hey, Hunter -Gatherer.

This is a short email to share certain updates with you:

1. The previous letter, #17, was rendered improperly in emails and had some formatting and auto-correct issues that might have communicated the ideas to you in an inaccurate way. I’ve made the changes and you might want to read the letter available at this link.

Read the corrected version of letter #17

2. You’re the first to know that I’ve created an E-Mail course called How to Consume Information Online. It will be a single-bundle for all the key ideas and frameworks to consume information in a healthy, useful and fun way. You’ll receive 7 emails during the course of a week. You may click on the link to subscribe and share with your friends.

Check out the E-Mail Course

3. If you’re new around here, you wouldn’t have been aware of the app that I had released on Play Store to sending sharing multiple links easier. It’s called LinkTray and without it, sending multiple links to a friend is like shopping online without a cart.

Check out LinkTray App

Talk soon,