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Identity crisis in the world of Abundance, & Indulging with Your Intellectual Muse

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Ever since I started this newsletter, I've been sending you things to try to get the most value out of the Internet. But today, I want to resurrect a practice that is made mostly extinct by the nature of social media.

Social Media gets you addicted by allowing you to escape into an infinite variety of content coming from varying creators. While that has it's own value, it's important to pause and prioritize something endless feeds don't nudge you to: consume content from one person at a time.

đź› Try this

The next time you come across a great tweet, pause & head over to their profile to read everything they've written. Get to know one insighful person at a time.

When we come across a great tweet, why don't we pause and check out what else they've written? It would probably be better than the next tweet on your feed.

Sometimes we do check out their profile, and today I am urging you to consciously do this and take this to its logical extreme. Try to read everything they've written and has been written about them. Go deep in your understanding of a person. It is this person I call “My Intellectual Muse”.

When you consume a series of ideas from the same person, they connect and bring out the coherent perspective of the person that is hard to capture in words but adds back a deeper meaning to those very ideas. Naval’s many ideas in the seemingly separate domains of happiness, investing and wealth connected together to create a steel frame of understanding for me to hang all future learnings on.

When I came across Naval Ravikant**, I read everything he has written and listened to every podcast he has been in. It’s almost like I know him as a person. Now; there’s something about forming an instinctive notion of how a person is that makes it easier to retain their ideas. Here, you can with a podcast as listening to them speak really helps at “getting a feel for how a person is”#.

For my intellectual muses, I have created a Twitter List of people whose profile I regularly check out. And obviously, it includes Perell and Ravikant.

*Peter Thiel: Co-founder of PayPal, Palantir, First-investor in Facebook, etc.
**Naval Ravikant: Co-founder of AngeList, Venture Hacks, Epinions, etc.
#The Audio Revolution by Alex Danco

đź’ˇ Think about this

Abundance is a gift, but only if we learn to harness its potential.

-Writer, Zat Rana

Let's get a little philosophical today.

In today's world of information abundance, we are constantly exposed to different cultures around the world in TV Shows, Music, Blogs etc. and there are some parts of them we wish for but fail to incorporate in our daily life. We learn to ignore these yearnings but deep down we know we're not living a life true to who we are and this leads to an ongoing emotional conflict.

Zat intricately describes the dynamics at play, the challenges we face and what can we really do to take control of our identity and our emotional reality.

For a world of abundance, this is an essay about:
Becoming Who You Are

(7 Min Read by Zat Rana)

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Can you name one person who you would be willing to exclusively read for the next couple of months?

As for me, my current intellectual muse is Zat Rana. Philosophy, I believe, is the best way to gain clarity about the dynamics of our lives, and Zat explains it for our modern world with clarity and precision. If you’re interested, you can try these essays.

Now I'm eager to know yours!


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